One week until road trip


One week and a day to be more precise. Originally I was going to leave on April 15 because I like the nice number 15 and it’s a Monday. But my bowling teammate Ellen guilted me into playing for the team just one more time. I love my Monday night league and will miss it so this is not a big sacrifice. And I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared of Ellen.
Last week was all about finding the right camping gear and making reservations at motels and campsites for the first part of my trip. This week will be about getting my apartment in order and donating most every thing I have not worn or used in the past year to the salvation army. Although, life is hard enough when you’re struggling with poverty, would you really want a shiny purple zoot suit that I had bought, I really am hoping, for a costume party?
I will also make last ditch attempts to get some sponsorships from auto and hotel related companies. The clock is ticking so I take out the big guns. If they don’t play ball, I will ask them if they are not sponsoring me because I am gay or because I am Jewish.

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