Hot guys and hot Buicks (Yes, I actually wrote that and meant it)


Everyone, quit your jobs. Because two weeks later you will be getting a personal tour of the auto show by a silver fox hottie.
Last night Buick and GM hosted a night out for LGBT influencers. There was a panel of auto experts and journalists and I latched onto Frank Markus, the Silverfox pictured and the Technical Director at Motor Trend magazine. During the panel introduction, Frank said one of his favorites at the auto show is the new Cadillac CTS. When we got to the CTS, it was clear Frank wasn’t just interested in the handsome new styling. He ran over to the engine they had on display. He took us step-by-step through what happens in the twin turbo V6 that produces 420 hp. The days of an 80s Sedan DeVille with a 5 liter engine producing 180 hp seem to be over. I tried to sound smart for a second and asked Frank why BMW is replacing their V-6 twin turbos with single turbos. He quickly smacked me down and said you mean inline 6. I’ll keep my mouth shut. Then Frank proceeded to take us on an accelerated tour of the entire Javits Center and what he considered the technical highlights. The most debate surrounded the styling of the new jeep Cherokee. Frank liked it for the styling breakthroughs such as separate and curving grills and that it kind of looks French. We did spend a lot of time around one of my favorite cars, the new VW GTI. Frank was most excited about the hardest and sharpest metal crease in the mass-produced auto business. I won’t say what he thought was the most useless car at the show but it rhymes with Mitsubishi Mirage.
Back at the Buick stand all the boys seem to be conglomerate around the Buick Enclave because it reminded them of a party vehicle.


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