Daily Hot Rod


My friend Dave is a sheep farmer and is practically bulging with pride over his 1983 VW bunny truck.

I asked Dave if that’s what I thought it was in the truck bed and to tell me a little about the bunny truck.

“Yes, that’s the real deal. Black Gold it will be, once it’s properly festered. Er, composted.

The BT is an ’83 and yes it has 4 widely spaced gears, going from a super low 1st which makes it a great vehicle to teach shifting on, to a 4th that’s really an overdrive. So not sporty. Our friend Richter parted out his wrecked Jetta of the same vintage a few months before we got this and was kicking himself for not saving the 5 speed transmission from it. I kicked him too. If you happen to see one of those lying around do let me know.”

I drove the bunny truck around the farm myself once. The most interesting thing about the brakes was there did not seem to be any. It’s really not that bad, you just plan out where you’re going to stop a little ahead of time.

Thanks Dave and Jessica!



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