Two weeks until road trip launch


I better get cracking. I started this blog one month before my road trip so I could get used to the technology and stop doing things like putting my thumb in front of the lens. I am not there yet. But I can’t wait anymore. Today I need to start an inventory of my trip essentials. I don’t think it will be hard because my car has under 7 cubic feet of cargo space. Some cars have less space, such as the Fiat 500 or the Mini Cooper. But when they fold their seats down their cargo space nearly doubles. My car has no backseats to fold down, not even dummy seats like a Porsche 911. There is a plastic groove behind each seat, perfect for a pocket book.
But I’m not whining about the limited space (yes I am). I look forward to simplifying my life. If I bring too much stuff on the trip I will spend half my time packing and unpacking things and looking for things.

My essential items are a small tent, sleeping bag, bedroll, small pot and utensils, hairspray (I said bear spray but AutoCorrect changed it, and this balding crew cutted guy likes it), lantern, flare gun, taser, first aid kit, and my AAA card. I have roadside assistance from Nissan, AAA and Geico. Should anything happen they all get a call and it’s a race for my affections.
As for clothing, I will try to create a little sartorial Noah’s Ark in a small gym bag. Two of everything. I’ll up the ante on underwear. Bringing essential toiletries but will need to decide what’s essential. American Crew hair cream for frizz control and shine?

Use the comments feature to tell me if there is anything else I should absolutely bring. I already have a little Garmin GPS, which I love. And most of my blogging, photos, and videos are taken and uploaded with my iPhone. Obviously I need a lot of chargers because the iPhone lasts for an hour or so.

Pictured are some of the Stein family license plates of past. The Utah and Nevada plates were on my dad’s car while he was in the army testing nuclear bombs. I’m sure they’re not still radio active and having them in my bedroom is a great idea.

8 thoughts on “Two weeks until road trip launch

  1. I have to beg to differ on dry shampoo. dry shampoo is gross. But then I have really long hair. Maybe it won’t make your hair as sticky. Seven feet of cubic space?? Only two of everything? I have another reason why guys do this sort of thing and not women.

  2. That’s what I thought the “bear spray” was for…I assumed the taser was for recreational activities with non-bears, or else this was really a cover for a cross country serial killing spree

  3. Umm, you don’t need to buy shampoo in New York – dry or otherwise. Just put what you have in a small bottle and buy more when you run out. They have stores outside the NorthEast, and you can experience the local retail culture (WalMart). The one thing I would advocate for is paper maps, or at least a good road atlas you can stick under the passenger seat. GPS is great but too linear for the broad view, and there are places where it just doesn’t work. AAA will give you state maps for free if you are a member and they have scenic routes marked on them. AAA’s state “tour books” list whatever is remotely interesting in just about any town you go through – and they are free too. Just throw them out when you’re done with the state you’re in. Go to your local AAA office – maybe they’ll make you up a TripTik. That’s enough wordy advice from me for now.

    • Love AAA and I am counting on their books. Not to horrify everyone but I only shampoo my hair once or twice a week otherwise just shower and condition. Not much hair and it dries out when you shampoo too much.

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