Mad men and women


Automobile Magazine reports that Chrysler employees received a memo from head honcho Sergio Marchionne that says the days of casual are over. There’s a lot to follow in this story, twists and turns, but I think it has to do with the tie up between the Chrysler 300C and designer John Varvatos. Funny story, worth the read.
Dress code memos never go over big and are always leaked and laughed at. I worked for a French bank in New York City many years ago and of course the French men and women were always dressed beautifully. The Americans, not exactly as nice. To help us from looking too slutty or homeless on casual Fridays, human resources put together some tips. For example a woman can never go wrong with a twin sweater set and a string of pearls. And for men don’t wear sneakers, hush puppies are always a classic.

2 thoughts on “Mad men and women

  1. I still have the parody version of that dress code memo from “First Impressions consulting” that we wrote! I will scan and send it to you. I remember Madeline came up with “a goiter swelling smoothly under a suit jacket creates a tailor and sporty look.”

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