A lot of people, when told about my gay road trip, tell me I should meet Joe LaMuraglia from GMC. He is the head of communications for GMC and the LGBT program for all of General Motors. After talking to a bunch of truck dealers, who all surprisingly new exactly what LGBT stood for and were very nice and willing to show me a new truck, I found him. He only had a few minutes to talk but was really great and invited me to a special LGBT press event here in New York next week. I’d be really interested to learn what the car companies are doing to reach the LGBT community because it seems only Subaru and a few others are making a real solid effort. That said, I’ve seen some really funny Chevy Volt ads that were more than gay friendly. After typing “LGBT” so many times I would think my voice recognition and auto correct would stop changing it to HPV.

Pictured is the GMC Sierra SLT double cab All-terrain. If I really think about it, this might be a more comfortable choice for all the car camping I will be doing compared to the 370z.

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