The guy from Nissan is really nice or just thinks I’m crazy


A guy with a flannel shirt with a beard hands him a home made business card, a hot pink index card with a blog name that says automotive and gay issues. But Dan Passe, Senior Manager of product communications for Nissan North America, shook my hand and spoke with me politely. I would’ve called security.
I told Dan about my planned road trip in my Nissan 370z and blog and he was kind enough to invite me to the mothership in Franklin, Tennessee. Also gave me a good tip on the Lane Museum in Nashville.
Below is the Nissan GT-R, which I don’t have. Yet.


3 thoughts on “The guy from Nissan is really nice or just thinks I’m crazy

  1. Jeff, does beautiful customizable business cards. Have you seen the double-sided one I did for Dave? Audio Engineer on one side, Sheep Farmer on the other.

    • I have and I will do that. Sarah also recommended Vistaprint However, I had less than 18 hours to get myself to the auto show. Surprisingly or not, the hot pink index cards Are really standing out.

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