Baseball dog cards


While searching through personal photos to use for this blog, I found my father’s baseball collection. It’s not the one from his childhood, my grandmother threw that out when she was cleaning her closets. The strangest cards I found are the Milk Bone super stars trading cards. Current Yankees captain Joe Girardi is posing with some sort of white fluffy thing, maybe a Bijon frise. I thought it was some sort of way to make money and bring attention to animal adoption. Then I read the description of Cal Ripken Junior’s dog, Champagne. Champagne was presented to Cal’s wife as a gift along with a bottle of champagne, hence her name. It’s an Akita if anyone cares, but these things are in plastic and I don’t want to take them out so I’ll never see the front of it. There are two cards per pack. Bill Swift’s cocker spaniel, Zach, is blocking Cal’s precious Champagne.

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