$175 per each horse power is a bargain


If you asked me what I would do with $210,000 I would not say buy a Mustang. Maybe my first Mustang experience was not great. My dad car pooled with his 6’4 250 pound Lithuanian colleague Kastukas Nemikus, “Kass.” When it was take your kid who has the day off from school because of parent teacher conferences to work day, I was crammed in the back of Kass’ 78 SVO turbo Stang. Kass and my dad, also tall, filled up all the space and had me smashed in but good. The turbo lag on that thing was not measured in seconds as much as the distance between towns. When I was 11 years old we were on the way to work when a pretty lady on a bike passed by. Kass said she’d make a real nice hood ornament. I thought, that’s stupid, a minuture chrome Mustang would make a nice hood ornament.

Thanks to Ben Timmons at Automobile Magazine

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