To have health insurance or not to have health insurance?

Dr. Frank Spinelli

One major obstacle to leaving your job is the health insurance. Especially if you were single like me. So I went to see my ridiculously good-looking doctor, Frank Spinelli, and asked him if I could get away with no health insurance seeing I’m in good health. He basically said that being in the car for such long periods of time and for such great distances is essentially putting myself in a high risk category. He didn’t exactly say I would have a crash but he implied my chances are good. I hope he’s wrong but then he showed me the math. Just a simple broken leg that needs a reset with a pin goes for $30,000. Originally my health plan was going to be wearing my seatbelt, eating well and getting some exercise. Now I will go for COBRA and continue the same insurance I had at work until something more affordable comes along. A friend of mine suggested I go without insurance and use free clinics throughout the country if something should happen. This will sound snobby because it is snobby but I’d be afraid to park my car in a place that has a free clinic.

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