I did not know I was so fat


Before and not quite after (Left: five weeks ago. Right: today)

Part of the audition process for the Daily Burn was taking body shots. I was shocked. I really believed I was a thin person with maybe an inch of extra inch padding. Nope, full blown round fat man. 

As of today, five weeks since I started, I’m down 16 pounds. Sixteen pounds is the weight of my bowling ball. I pay for a locker at the bowling alley so I don’t have to carry that 16 pounds. And if I do take my bowling ball somewhere, I have a bag with wheels. I don’t have a bag with wheels for my beer gut. Actually, that would be my Fiat. 

Besides looking better, my blood pressure has gone from a high 140/90 to a great 110/70. And nothing feels better than losing this blue ball. 


Sixteen pounds of raw sparkly power.


The name of my ball sounds like the plot of a gay S&M porn


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